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~~~Keswick River

Today, 01:20 PM

~~~~Was up to Harry's on Saturday to fish off his docks if he would let me, seems every where I went in the area there were No Phishen signs up, and we all know why, but anyway, he said yes, but only problem was the river was clogged with an Algae Bloom, the whole way from up stream down to the lake about 2' thick. Hopefully the winds on Sunday, and rains will wash it out.

PS the Crappies were not in yet

Central Outboard Marina

12 September 2017 - 02:38 PM

~~~~The Speedometer sensor, that the little white thing at the stern, of your boat at hull level, well mine on broken off launching in a shallow launch, that had a Prop burn. Well I was a thunken of getting it fixes, a start a wonderen as to where I could get on, Hummmmm, Why I'll call Central Marina in Bramptom, and ask him. Shore enough he had them in stock at $15. plus tax. Now who do I know that lives 15min away Chuong.

~~~But we didn't need a bath

21 August 2017 - 01:15 PM

~~~~On Sunday Cuong and I launched a Sibbald and as I slowly pull a way from the dock heading out , 30Ft Cruiser start backing away from the dock straight at me, called out to him, turns and sees me about 4ft away and hits his forward throttle sending up a 4ft high prop wash blast the soaked both Cuong and I, and putting 3" of water into the boat. If it wasn't for the 3 young kids he had with him, I would started swearing, but I just kept motoring slowly, turned on the bilge pump. And that was the hi-lite of the day, we hit all my spots for Perch, and only hooked into Dings. The parking at the park was a Cluster F*^K, took us over 20min. after we had the boat on the trailer to get out of the boat ramp area, there were vehicle parked on both sides on the main road in, and they were still letting vehicle in at the gate.

~~~Oct. M&G any interest

17 August 2017 - 01:58 PM

~~~~Was a thunken of headen up to place on Pigeon Lake Campers Resort, in Oct. and wondering if any one is also interested.


~~~Got the my Posse Out

16 August 2017 - 12:51 PM

~~~Headed up to Simcoe with Mike, & Cuong for a day, headed out to our first spot and Cuong lands a very nice Jumbo Perch, mike hands me a rod that he set up with a drop shot.  So I baited with a large minnow, and no sooner, them it touched bottom, I had a hit, fought it to surface, still in my driver seat, and had my biggest Large mouth bass of the year. Told the boys if this is the only phish I catch all day I still be happy, and it was. Oh ya they also caught some great looken  Smallies, you'll find those picture, on my FB

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