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#56762 ~~~Removal of Front Casting deck

Posted by oldphart on 21 April 2017 - 12:21 PM

~~~If possible don't do it, each spring I take a good look at the crack in my bow plate, it's about 14" long right at the curve just at the point where it meets the keel, I have to jack the boat up to get enough room to work on it. I've tried most of JB Weld products, and was going to try that Flex Seal Liquid Rubber. Welding it, came to mind, you can get welding rods for tinnies, and with a Butane Torch heat up the boat, and weld on a bead. but I'm getting to old to crawl around. So I thought I pull up the front deck and take a look down below. Boy what a pain, all the screws had glue, and carpet fibers, and years of dirt, and using a Philips, some took over 30 min. of clearing them and then find the heads were almost worn where the screw driver couldn't grasp, had to use a small vice grip to lock on and turn them out, right now I'm down to the last 2 screws I think. Come Saturday I'll be trying to get these two out hopefully, then I'll decide either to dump the Liquid Rubber into the area and let it seep through, and let it set, or clean the area and take the boat, and get it welded

#53958 ~~~How clean is Simcoe

Posted by oldphart on 10 April 2012 - 01:01 PM

~~~~Sorry buds I did mean CLEAR. and if I read you right your saying if I staple my Fillets together to get 12" I can have 8 of these a month, does it matter if I mix up the right side fillet with a left side, or di they all have to be the same.

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