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Oh No the Closing, Why So Soon?

18 November 2017 - 05:57 AM

Crazy weekend closing for me. It started off on Thursday evening, it was getting late and getting colder by the hour, yet i was still in the city and had to make the trip to the cottage and winterize it before the pipes froze; weatherman is calling -12. It was about 7pm when i left north as i progressed further the snow got worse and worse until you're north of Barrie. Luckily, i beat the weather and was able to flush my pipes out before they froze, close one.


Anyhow, after i got that out of the way i started to pack for my trip to pigeon this weekend, went over the list got, fishing rods, fish finders, tackle, safety equipment, i got everything so i go to bed. i wake up the next day to some fresh snow and start my hour and a half journey to Pigeon Lake. I arrive at about 11am and so does the first people of the crew. The first thing i wanted to do is put the boat in the water and start searching for the keys. i come to remember the only thing i didn't check off the list was the boat keys. F*** me. So i immediately disconnect the boat from the truck and start hauling my way back an hour and a half for the boat keys. i was really pissed. So after returning for the keys i was back at about 2pm and was able to put the boat in for the evening bit at least but the weather wasn't pretty.


The evening weather was windy, and cold. probably -9 with a wind around 20km/h; small white caps on the lake, we made to our spot and managed to only catch one smaller walleye a rock bass and we did end up losing 2 nicer pieces. We went back to before it got to dark and waited for Saturday Morning. 


Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful it was -13 with no wind, glass clear lake. Started the boat and waited for the tell tale to defrost, took a little while to get it going. Got to our spot later than we'd like to, but the bite started at 9:30am anyway. Started at 30fow but the fish were not to active moved to 55fow and we started to catch them in waves. i do not like fishing that deep for walleye because of the Barotrauma effect the fish get, but they weren't really effected. We were fishing on the bottom and one guy in my boat named John just nailed 3 perfect eater in a row while everyone was catching smaller dinky ones around him. Saturday was phenomenal fishing 75% of our fish were caught in the morning and we managed to catch perfect eating size; not small nor big, you know the size I'm talking about. 


Sunday was a very similar morning to Saturday, but not as beautiful. i could only fish the morning because i had to leave by noon, we only ended up getting 3 keepers on Sunday compared to Saturdays 8 keepers. Here are some photos of last week Nov,10 - 12, 2017.

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Pt 2: Lake Trout Time Again

16 March 2017 - 04:19 AM

This website Doesn't like my IPhone picture so the picture will be posted in order at this link:



Location: Cottage

Destination: Lake X

Date: March, 11- 12, 2017

Time: 6:00am

Mission: Lake trout


DAY 1:

Saturday morning, woke up opened the door and was hit with -22 degree air burrrrr. After powering through the frigid air i got to my DIESEL powered SUV. A thought comes to my mind. Will my truck start, never started it this cold and its not plugged in? Key turn, Glow plugs heat, fuel pumps, engine turns over, explosions happen. Feeling good, started like a true champ. Fast forward to 7:45am and i am at my spot punching a dozen holes for myself and friends that are on their way. ended up catching 2 smaller trout before 9:00am and released them. The kids that our friends brought started to get cold so i ended up setting up the ice hut and trying to start the freaking heater. Tested the heater the night before worked fine, but now she don't want to start probably took me an hour to start the damn thing. Once it got going it turned the hut into a sauna. (Insert Pic 1) Punched more holes for the friends that were their and gave my ice hut holes to the kids so did not fish/catch much. At 11:30am friends were rolling off the ice so i ended up reclaiming my hut holes back. 10 mins later i got 2 fish on 2 rods oh god. Some how managed that and ended up with these (Insert Pic 2). The Bigger one was around 2.5 lb and the smaller one was 1.5lb. Picture does not do justice. Fished a bit more hoping to catch the loch ness monster and then heard a strange noise outside my hut. I take a peep out side and i see what i think are 2 crows trying to steal my catch. Packed things up after that and went back to the cottage. Later that night i checked the weather for tomorrow (Insert Pic 3) Great!


DAY 2:

Went back to the same lake on Sunday around the same time, i was a little screwed up with the time shift. Got to the same spot and took this pic. (Insert Pic 4) Didn't feel colder than yesterday but it was. I punched my first hole, put the depth finder in then my bait right after and down it goes. On the sonar i watch my bait fall to 65ft and just before it gets there i see an arch on the screen. Back up my bait comes with the first fish of the day. That literally took no more than 20 seconds to put the bait down and bring up a fish. It was a dinky trout so back down it went. Set my ice hut up fully and the bite was a little slow so i took a little nap. Woke up to the sound of my rod being dragged against the ice. I set the hook miss then i ended up playing a dancing game with that fish and my 2 rods. Miss the hook set every single time. From the mark the screen it gave me it seemed that the fish was bigger than the one i caught yesterday and i couldn't successfully catch it. Moreover, just like yesterday all you hear is the ice cracking around you. Sometimes it cracked so hard the the water in the hole started to spill out and would shake the hole ice plate really hard like an earth quake on top the loud noise made you really think that a pressure crack formed right behind you. It sure was one of those days that gets you paranoid. Some time went by and i had my catch by 10:30am. I had 2 trout about the same size just forgot to take a pic of the second one. (Insert Pic 5) That was fast and easy, got some trout to smoke now.


ICE Report:

Out on Lake X there was 11 inches of ice but the surface had no snow at all which made it a super easy walk out especially pulling a 250lb hut and gear with one man. I was set up at about of 65ft of water and didn't find the need to move deeper or sallower those days. Fish bite was fairly aggressive.

Lake Trout Time

23 February 2017 - 10:01 PM

First i would like to apologize for no pictures.


So we (my dad and I) woke up last Saturday morning at 6:00am, little bit late but oh well. Anyways once we got in the groove we started our drive to Lake X. We are suppose to meet friends on the lake at 8:00am. We pull into the bait shop to pick up some bait and what do we see. Our buddies that were suppose to meet. So fast forward to the lake. We get to our accesses point and what do we see? About half a dozen cars, our secret spot has been jeopardized. Maybe it was a one off fluke, but we wont know till next time. Now let me stop yapping and start talking about the fish. At about 8:30am our lines were dropped in the target zone and sure enough it didn't take long to hear the old man saying "Fish On". I looked over saw the bend in his rod and questioned if he had a fish. Ended up to be a dink so back down he goes. A little time goes by and i see someone walking in a orange survival suit. I ask my dad is that Muskie Bait? He didnt think so until we asked. Sure enough it was him and a few moment later we saw more friend from coung (sorry of i misspelled your name) little chit chat and back to fishing. As usual the morning bite was good, we continued to hook fish; well at least my dad and i could, our buddy Drago could not even hook one and we fished from 8:30am to 4:30pm. We ended up keeping 4 fish from just under 1lb to around 1.5lb. The Biggest fish was probably around 2lb and was one of the first fish the group caught. Ice conditions were good with 11" of ice. About half the ice was black ice and the other half was white. As the day got warmer it became a little slushy but not to bad. I believe if nights are cold you could fish the area half way into march and if you dont mind the slush it maybe even possible to to so at the end of march, but who know what mother nature got for us?     

Ice Report

13 December 2016 - 12:21 AM

Just to let fellow anglers know that the Muskoka area has 1-3 inches of ice on smaller lakes (all depends on the lake) and a skim of ice on bigger lake like lake Muskoka. There was about 6-8 inches of snow on Friday and when i left on Sunday evening i would say the snow was around 1ft 1/2. srry no pics

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