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Out for some splake

03 January 2018 - 12:36 AM

Well last Saturday a group of us decided to hit a new lake after some research on stocking numbers. My buddy and I have seen this lake before on our travels and seen people ice fish it so had a bit of an idea where to start drilling holes. We all meet up at Timmies for a coffee for the road at 5am so we could be on the ice before the sun came up.


We hit the road and started our 1 and half hour drive north. The more also throw us a bit of snow so road were not the greatest and visibility was not good but that was not going to stop us. We hit the area to park and walk to the lake way before the sun would be coming up. Lucky someone had a light so we could see the trail to the lake. We looked around first to see if there was any previously drilled hole to give us an idea where people be fishing. After doing this we started to drill a bunch of hole so start fishing. Sun was still not up so had to drill by flashlight.


Once the sun was start to come up and we could see a bit better. We started a fire at shore to be able to warm us up between fishing time. Lines were put in and the wait started. I landed the first fish of the day around 7:30 or 8am. Not sure as can not remember at this time. We had a friend who had surgery and asked us if we could take his some fishing as he will be recovering for the next year and wanted to make sure his son got out. We were glad to help him out with that. We were also able to get his son on his first splake which is a great feeling. He ended out being the first one to limit out on splake. Was catching them faster then we were.


It was a great adventure as we had moose sausage cooked of the fire that was made. We called it a day by 2pm as splake usually slow down. By the end of the day, between 7 people we landed a total of about 23 splake. For a first time out on this lake have to say it was a good day even thou it was a chilly day.


This lake will be for sure on the list to hit again this winter.  

First steps on ice this year

07 December 2017 - 04:46 PM

So last Saturday, I decided to head out and check some of the ice conditions with some of the small year round trout ponds. I was not expecting much for ice thickness. I was only thinking that I find about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of ice which will be a good start to figuring when I would be hitting some first ice. Hit the first lake with one of my buddies that wanted to tag along. I hit the ice with my spud bar and it did not go through the ice. I was like wow this is good solid ice.


I broke a chuck of ice out and was surprised to see that the thickness of the ice was like 5 inches. This was a shock as we had mild weather for the week up to the time I decided to go out and check ice. Well, at this point wished that I had went out earlier in the week to see how thick the ice would be as by the time I got out it was too late to try to fish. So, now I know what I was going to do the next day. Good thing my gear was ready to go. I was also happy to get out and try my new Humminbird Helix 5 GPS DI G2 that I got for the boat and got the ice conversion kit for. I changed from the Vexlar FL-18.


So got up Sunday morning at 8:30am loaded up the truck and got my buddy at 9am. Good thing the drive to the lake is not far outside of North Bay. Get to the trail to the lake and there is a car parked on the trail. Now I'm a bit pissed as some bonehead decide to block the way to the lake. There was no room to park on the side of the highway. I got out and took a look. Figured if I put the truck in 4x4 I could get by the car which I was able to. Then after the short drive to the lake, I see a few guys at the spot I was planning to fish at. Good thing I have fished this lake before and knew another spot that we could fish from.


We had our holes drilled and dialed into our preferred depth but a bit before 10am. Fishing was slow to start as we marked a few fish but no takers. It was not able for another an hour and bit that we had our first brookie on the ice. Then nothing for hours. It was not for like until 3pm when we got the second fish then third and final one around the time we left around 4pm. Not bad for the first day on ice. We for my buddy. I got the big goose eye that day.

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