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2016 Trout Opener

02 May 2016 - 07:45 PM

This was an unusual spring for migratory steelhead along Lake Ontario’s north shore feeder streams. With constant winter thaws and freeze ups, the steelhead moved into streams as early as the beginning of February. On streams with no impediments like dams or large stretches of very steep rapids like (Ganaraska River) the trout moved through in waves and were at spawning areas by mid Feb. I had seen fish spawning around the last week of Feb. on our better streams.

On streams with dams the fish had a much more difficult time of getting to their spawning water in good time as the early warm spells never lasted long enough to raise water temps to optimum for fish to use their energy to navigate these obstacles.


Opener found us on some great water that was scouted well ahead of opening morning, this section had a mix of post spawn and pre spawn fish all in the same pools.


Here’s a few pic’s from our opening weekend, hope everyone had a good opener. 














Billy with big post spawn hen



Buck with a big male in full spawn colours, beautiful fish, looks like a male coho in spawn



Here is a dinosaur of a male, probably his last spawning trip











We also caught some beautiful native river browns, here is one of Bill's



and one of mine



now time to chase some native brookies


2015 Start of a New Season Part 3

12 May 2015 - 03:22 PM

2015 Start of new Season – Part 3 The Opener


Finally the long awaited trout opener had arrived. I can remember back when the opener was an overnight ritual with camp fires and tents, holding down the best pool we could find, plus the opportunity of catching trout before day break.

But with age came knowledge, the ability to find good water away from other anglers plus the skills to catch fish in most conditions, that made the over night ritual a thing of the past – or just maybe with age we couldn’t stay up all night and fish all day. I’ll go with former over the latter “sounds better to me”






  This is the day most Ontario trout fishermen wait for. Anglers now have access to the upper stretches of the streams where all the migratory steelhead go to spawn. This season with spring begin so late, a lot of fish where still upstream. During our scouting, we found loads of fish way up and the majority still spawning. We decided to fish the mid sections where more of the spawned out fish where holding. Trout that have finished spawning are more willing to feed then fish still trying to lay their eggs.




I think it was about 6:15am when Bill makes his first cast and from there it was game on,



Bill’s first cast result



Buck staying low while fighting a fish,






This big fresh hen kept me busy for awhile before I landed her




Pete with a beautiful native brown




Bill with a little gem




Buck with another of many










Yvonne shows up at noon and proceeds to show the guys up,




Bill slowing down after fighting fish all morning LOL



Have you heard the saying “stop and smell the flowers” well to me that is what it’s all about, taking the time to enjoy the surroundings that nature offers and of course the camaraderie with friends.

 Great day had by all.


2015 Start of a New Season Part 2

12 May 2015 - 02:49 PM

2015 Start of a new Season – Part 2 Lower River Stretches


Everything was happening fast, the fresh lake rainbows didn’t stay in the slow water for long. I’m sure they could sense the late spring break-up had delayed their biological clock for the journey to the spawning grounds.

With good scouting, we timed the run on one river and for two days it was non-stop action,




Double headers – Pete & Buck



Double headers – Bill & Chris pre-22



Bill having a field day,



Pete with his biggest this spring



Buck with a big hen



My best hen this spring



Just as fast the fish where gone, not from the river but beyond the legally open fishing areas “always check your fishing regulations from the MNR to make sure you are fishing open season waterways” – not all streams have the same open all year zones.

2015 Start of a New Season Part 1

12 May 2015 - 02:31 PM

2015 Start of a new Season – Part 1 Rivermouth & Harbor


Most winter’s we would have a thaw in late Feb. this gave most diehard steelheaders a chance to shake of the winter blues but not this year, winter had a tight grip everywhere.

The only fishing done was at the Tim Horton’s, sitting around talking with the gang as to when the north shore streams would break open.




Cracks start to show in mid March, only to be gone again with another arctic blast from the north. We kept checking and watching for signs that this winter would finally let go of its hold on our favorite rivers.





Ice out finally arrives on the last day of March, late but a welcome sight. Bill and I had been fishing the beach when the phone call came from Buck “there’s an opening in the river, I’m going to break some more ice, looks thin, should be able to open it up to get a drift in” that was at 9am,

Next phone call comes at 2pm “ice has blown out and the fish are slamming, get you’re a$$ down here!”


Well for the next 3 days, we hammered big fresh steel before they started to move upstream.




Usually your best shot at a big fish is just when they come in “fresh & fat” and boy they did not disappoint.


Wally with a big silver hen



Buck with a another beautiful hen



Bill with a fatsso female



One of mine



Bill – big male



Here’s one of my big males



Norm with a nice one



Pete got into the action late,



What a great feeling to know one of our favorite species have begun their annual migration, spring has arrived!

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