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#53786 Nothing going at the Islands

Posted by steve on 12 March 2012 - 04:36 PM

Hey Steve,

Not sure why there are not many more longnose gar in the Toronto area, since Lake Erie shorelines and Bay of Quinte to Kingston area, up into the Ottawa River, and into the St. Lawrence River as well has loads of them.

Maybe there are insufficient river spawning sites to sustain a good population of them. That's the only real difference I can see. As far as I can tell, the Humber, Don and Rouge just don't seem to have the same flow and volume to provide good spawning areas (as compared to rivers like the Trent, Moira, Ottawa and St. Lawrence). What do you think?

The physical make-up of the Trent, Moira, Ottawa and St. Lawrence compared to the L. Ont. streams seems to be the key from what I see. I think it is more then just water flow/volume, the big rivers mentioned have longer sustained warm temps compared to the L Ont. streams and the bottom composition is a lot different too.

#52868 Bass Hunt

Posted by steve on 24 September 2011 - 03:47 PM

Well now that I figured out how to get in, here is my first post for the new and improved NAA

Good friend Pete had been asking me to do fun fishing and right after my tournament season ended I took him up on his offer. We picked out a handful of small lakes that had limited access (no launch ramps for regular sized boats) and few to no cottages which make potential for big bass. Our first stop (lake #1) had great structure, weeds, logs, steep drops, fallen trees and rock piles, all the making for good bass lake. Well we fished it hard and Pete ended up getting a 2lb bucket for our largest fish, man we wasted to much time on this lake but it looked so good. Getting to lake #2 its now 12:30pm, we hope this one will cough up a big one as there will be little to no time left for another lake this day.
30 yards in from the access point, Pete gets a 2lb'er off a stump-looking good! After about one hour Pete had landed 4 more, all around the same size, things were not looking good for a big fish, not to mention I was starting to feel like Pete's B..aah..itch for the day, as my biggest so far was a whooper of about 8 from a fallen tree (8 inches :x !!
We work our way to the last bay and suddenly I get a good hit and blow it, Pete casts out and same thing, he misses. Two good hits in 2 casts, something is up, we back off the spot and start to rework it. Bang! Pete gets a hit and in comes another 2lb'er, then I finally get one around 2lbs Woo-Whoo! Pete and I proceed to lose the next 3 fish, they are hitting fast- we are casting ouzee sticks weightless and as they are sinking the bass would grab and run at you, so by the time you detected the strike and reeled up to set hook they were coming off. Pete casts back out and wham! he starts hollering its a big one, I grab my camera and begin filming. Well doesn't the dirty rat haul in the hog we have been looking for. We end up catching another 7 and losing about the same number with me losing a nice one in the 4lb range. Time running out, we work back to the launch catching a few more small fish. Back to were we started Pete casts the stump that he caught the first fish on and I decide to cast to a log just of shore in about a foot of water, nothing, so I start to swim it back and a horse comes out and swipes at the stick but I had pulled it to far from the big girl's lair and she did not commit dammit!! :roll: :x
Needless to say the video below is of the star angler Pete- but in my defense, I had to run the camera, control the backdrops + lighting, check for audio, direct and produce, so I didn't get to fish that much :neutral: :lol:

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