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Oh No the Closing, Why So Soon?

Pigeon Lake

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Posted 18 November 2017 - 05:57 AM

Crazy weekend closing for me. It started off on Thursday evening, it was getting late and getting colder by the hour, yet i was still in the city and had to make the trip to the cottage and winterize it before the pipes froze; weatherman is calling -12. It was about 7pm when i left north as i progressed further the snow got worse and worse until you're north of Barrie. Luckily, i beat the weather and was able to flush my pipes out before they froze, close one.


Anyhow, after i got that out of the way i started to pack for my trip to pigeon this weekend, went over the list got, fishing rods, fish finders, tackle, safety equipment, i got everything so i go to bed. i wake up the next day to some fresh snow and start my hour and a half journey to Pigeon Lake. I arrive at about 11am and so does the first people of the crew. The first thing i wanted to do is put the boat in the water and start searching for the keys. i come to remember the only thing i didn't check off the list was the boat keys. F*** me. So i immediately disconnect the boat from the truck and start hauling my way back an hour and a half for the boat keys. i was really pissed. So after returning for the keys i was back at about 2pm and was able to put the boat in for the evening bit at least but the weather wasn't pretty.


The evening weather was windy, and cold. probably -9 with a wind around 20km/h; small white caps on the lake, we made to our spot and managed to only catch one smaller walleye a rock bass and we did end up losing 2 nicer pieces. We went back to before it got to dark and waited for Saturday Morning. 


Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful it was -13 with no wind, glass clear lake. Started the boat and waited for the tell tale to defrost, took a little while to get it going. Got to our spot later than we'd like to, but the bite started at 9:30am anyway. Started at 30fow but the fish were not to active moved to 55fow and we started to catch them in waves. i do not like fishing that deep for walleye because of the Barotrauma effect the fish get, but they weren't really effected. We were fishing on the bottom and one guy in my boat named John just nailed 3 perfect eater in a row while everyone was catching smaller dinky ones around him. Saturday was phenomenal fishing 75% of our fish were caught in the morning and we managed to catch perfect eating size; not small nor big, you know the size I'm talking about. 


Sunday was a very similar morning to Saturday, but not as beautiful. i could only fish the morning because i had to leave by noon, we only ended up getting 3 keepers on Sunday compared to Saturdays 8 keepers. Here are some photos of last week Nov,10 - 12, 2017.

Album: Nov, 2017
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#2 oldphart


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Posted 20 November 2017 - 01:57 PM

~~~Well at least you caught some, still haven't defrosted yet.

~~~~~OOPS sorry were you down wind of me

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Posted 25 November 2017 - 02:58 AM

Dude the days of punishment are done for this old boy but I admire the story.  Had I forgotten the keys today it would be tail between the legs.

That being said the older you get some innovation comes with it.....Like always leaving spare keys in the boat in a hidden area in the boat that nobody but you will ever know.  I also leave the trailer plug in the boat as well along with some other goodies essential to being on the water for an emergency brain fart

My boat runs almost flawlessly for its age but I don't so forgetting stuff happens.

Have a solid routine.  It also helps with older boats like mine that you keep the insurance policy up to date lol....please steal it.

Anyways thanks for the report......Made me feel like I was in my twenties again.  Say hello to your dad for me and give him my best.

Its been a while since I've heard anything out of that lake.  Thank you for posting your results.

Hooksets are free.

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