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Snagless Downrigger Ball

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#1 D-Wayne


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Posted 24 May 2011 - 03:33 AM

With the upcoming Lake Trout Opener Saturday I was thinking about the fun I will be having raising and lowering the down rigger weights while I am out on my favourite lake. :wacko:

The areas on the lake that I seem to have a lot of success are also the ones with the shoals and ledges that are right beside drops and islands. 8O
So when I am trolling tight to them I have been lowering a tube type weight and I have it on a leader of lighter line so if I get snagged it wont peel off all my cable and my down rigger. :oops:

I seen a person on a tv show who uses a pipe weight with the connection point on the end of the pipe. :wink: clever and simple
He says it is for those areas on the water where he would get hung up.
He also said that he has the line clip up a foot or two from the weight so the lures are off the bottom and won't get hung up.

This post is to see what you folks have any ideas or suggestions that work for you when your trolling in areas where you can get hung up on bottom.

I am also wondering if the weight banging around would attract or scare away those laker's.
Would I need to add a wrapping or a coating of some sort to the pipe weight to keep it from being too noisy :?:
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#2 ravinerat


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Posted 27 May 2011 - 12:56 AM

Well we bottom bounce here on Simcoe with our downrigger balls but there is little to get hung up on. Actually there are a few more snowmobiles down there this year. What about wrapping it with the foam from water pipes. It comes in various sizes. The weight of the pipe should counter the foam floating ability.

Be safe, float!

#3 stinger


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Posted 28 May 2011 - 12:54 AM

No personal experience but I saw Charlie Wray using a jet diver behind the rigger ball, that way you can keep the ball off bottom and the jet diver will take the lure down and stir up some muck. unlike the dipsy diver or the pink lady, jet diver will float at rest.
Cannon's Digi-Troll riggers coupled with certain Hummingbird units can be programmed to stay of the bottom very effectively..... but then we are talking some $$$$$
Maybe Rhybak will chime in with some of his knowledge, he has been successfully smoking the inland lakers for a very long time. :D
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